AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

Design and production of jewelry line

by Tim Vatanen

Institution: Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakoulu
Year: 2014
Record ID: 1135636
Full text PDF: http://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/74580


Jewelry adornments play very important role in modern society. Modern design in many branches of it and in jewelry design as well, in order to conform to the requirements of saturated market, should consider on all stages of design and production processes, number of different factors, in order to conform to the needs of particular target group. The objective of the project was to design and produce ready to wear line of silver rings and earrings for a new brand “Shibumi”, which orientates on internet as a main market. Study of design and production methods, which were used, and process of developing them along the project in order to meet at the same time requirements of the market and end customer; main values and design statements of the company. The analysis of the contemporary jewelry market was the first step in the project. Study of brands values and design statement were balanced with the chosen modeling and production methods, user profile information, designer’s inspirational sources. With the goal of providing client with the jewel that user does not get tired of it but all the time will find some new meanings and aesthetic values in it.