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Evaluation of Implementation of a New Service Offering to Customer Organisation - Case: Työtä Meille Nyt ja Heti! second phase

by Jenni Eikrem

Institution: Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu
Year: 2014
Record ID: 1132808
Full text PDF: http://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/72699


This thesis conducted an evaluation of Työtä Meille Nyt ja Heti! – Project’s second phase. The project was ESF (European Social Fund) funded project. Työtä Meille Nyt ja Heti! –project started already 2010, but the second phase, the focus on the thesis, was carried out during the 2013. The second phase of the project had a goal of developing and implementing a new Social Media service offering to Satakunta TE Services to create an environment to support the long term goal of reducing the unemployment among youth in Satakunta. In addition to customer organisation the other stakeholders in the project were Satakunta ELY Centre and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – client organisation ordering the evaluation. The study has utilised evaluation research theories and methods in general and project evaluation more specifically to carry out an independent, systematic and analytical assessment of the background, objectives, activities, means deployed in the project as well as results and impacts with focus on reliability and usefulness of findings. The research has been built based on the needs of the client organisation – the organisation ordering the evaluation, and was conducted as a summative evaluation – focusing on evaluating the effectiveness. The research has been carried out as a qualitative research and utilised interviews as well as document review to gather the evaluation data. The results in addition to evaluation itself, can used for organisational learning and as best practices for any future ESF projects. The evaluation concluded that the project has mostly succeeded – it has developed Social Media solution to the TE Services and has implemented it internally, but not yet externally. Although the implementation was not completed, already now the project’s outputs have improved the digital service offering of the TE Services. However, the service still does not reach the youth as it was planned to. Further, as it takes time to see the long term effects, the evaluation of effectiveness of the project can neither be completely carried through. Results of whether or not this effort and investment has reached the ultimate goal of creating an environment to support the employment of youth and to fill the open vacancies faster to reduce the unemployment among youth in Satakunta area, will most likely take couple of years to emerge. Therefore the effectiveness can be really evaluated not earlier than after 2 to 3 years.; Tämä on Työtä Meille Nyt ja Heti! -jatkohankeen hankearviointi. Työtä Meille Nyt ja Heti! -hanke käynnistyi 2010. Tämän opinnäytetyön tutkimuskohde – jatkohanke alkoi tammikuussa 2013 ja kesti vuoden loppuun. Hanke on ollut Euroopan sosiaalirahaston (ESR) rahoittama hanke. Jatkohankkeen tavoitteena oli kehittää ja jalkauttaa uusi Sosiaalisen Median palvelu Satakunnan TE-Palveluille, luoden toimintaympäristön, joka tukee hankkeen pitkän aikajänteen tavoitetta - nuorten työllisyyden vähentämistä Satakunnan alueella. TE-Palveluiden lisäksi hankkeen muut sidosryhmät olivat Satakunnan ELY…