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The main factors influencing green consumer’s purchasing behavior in Chinese clothing market Case RYB

by Tingting Liu

Institution: Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakoulu
Year: 2012
Record ID: 1132459
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Green clothing has emerged as the new products in the green market in China. With the improvement of living standard, the demand transfer of consumer from practicability of clothing to ecological and health clothing especially in the children’s clothing has increased. It is significant for marketers to understand the main factors influencing green consumer purchasing behavior in the Chinese clothing market. The main objective of this thesis was to find out the major factors influencing green consumer purchasing behavior in the Chinese clothing market, in order to build a green marketing mix effectively. As to the research methods, only qualitative method is adopted in this thesis. An interview was made with a retailer of children’s clothing company which has implemented the green strategy already and four loyal customers of this company to get the information by the in-depth interview. The main conclusion demonstrates the safety of clothing is the most important factor considered by consumers in the green clothing market. And different consumers have different methods to judge the safety of clothing, such as label, design, brand and promotion. In addition, high price can be accepted by green consumers,specialty store is the most credible place for consumers to buy green clothing and innovate promotion may have a big effect on consumer purchasing behavior.