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Web interface design and testing for the MineHealth Training and Education Material

by Sanna Alatyppö

Institution: Kemi-Tornion ammattikorkeakoulu; Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu
Year: 2013
Record ID: 1131341
Full text PDF: http://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/63756


Usability and user experience are the driving concepts behind the web user interface design today. This thesis explores web user interface usability as a concept as well as how to apply it to a wide range of multilayered and lengthy material of the MineHealth project. The objective of this thesis is a pleasant and useful design for the MineHealth training and education material website. This thesis presents the process of web interface design commissioned by the MineHealth Kolarctic ENPI CBC project. The main focus of this thesis is on exploiting different usability methods undertaking and explaining the web design process and decisions made to create the user interface design for the MineHealth website. The aim is to explore and understand the key issues of the MineHealth material and its objectives as a single case study, and represent the material on a website following good usability standards, and enhancing great user experience. In the course of this thesis process I have pursued the point of view of the human-computer interactions, usability, and user experience for the project as well as given visual design elements for the website. The first phase of the web interface design process consists of clarifying and scoping the purpose of the MineHealth website as well as end user analyses, material and content analysis, and requirements specification. The second phase schemes the visual design, functionalities, information architecture, user interface elements including navigation, links, and search, and the use of page template. The third phase discusses about the implementation, evaluating and testing of the MineHealth website. The MineHealth website is implemented with Joomla! content management system. In the implementation, a ready-made Viewpoint page template was capitalized. This thesis shows that web interface design requires relentless iteration of the different phases of the design process. Analyses of the purpose as well as end users, and practical prototype testing will help to sort out the requirements for structure and visual design.