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Barriers and possibilities for wine production in Denmark

by Marit Moberg

Institution: Roskilde University
Year: 2014
Keywords: wine; wine-growing; terroir; barriers; possibilities; cool climate; wine production; Denmark; Dyrehøj Vingaard; commercial; grapevine
Record ID: 1122385
Full text PDF: http://rudar.ruc.dk/handle/1800/15527


This project examines the barriers and opportunities for commercial wine production in Denmark. The project is based on an inductive and case study method of research, where data has been gathered through secondary literature and qualitative interviews. The case we have studied is Dyrehøj Vingaard, which is an atypical case. Through our research we constructed a theory that identifies barriers and possibilities for commercial wine production in Denmark. These barriers are: lack of sufficient yield, lack of profit, lack of knowledge of viticulture for cool climates and lack of awareness of Danish wine. The possibilities are: optimal physical conditions, building a community of volunteers, a high level of professionalism, utilisation of German expertise and grape varieties, a focus on the quality of the wine, suitable market strategies and the use of wine-tourism.