AbstractsBiology & Animal Science

Quantitative Proteomic Approaches in a Zebrafish Model of Granulocytic Inflammation

by Sachin Kumar Singh

Institution: Universität Karlsruhe
Year: 2015
Keywords: Zebrafish, Granulocytes, Proteomics
Record ID: 1111154
Full text PDF: http://digbib.ubka.uni-karlsruhe.de/volltexte/documents/3459287


Neutrophils represent the most abundant type of leukocytes in vertebrates and are the first cells migrating to sites of trauma. Despite their fundamental importance, our understanding of the molecular changes occurring within neutrophils upon inflammation in a living animal remains fairly limited. In this study, the zebrafish model was used to investigate the in vivo orchestration of a neutrophil inflammatory response at the protein level.