AbstractsComputer Science

Confidential Data-Outsourcing and Self-Optimizing P2P-Networks: Coping with the Challenges of Multi-Party Systems

by Konrad Jünemann

Institution: Universität Karlsruhe
Year: 2015
Keywords: Cloud-Computing, Sicherheit, Data-Outsourcing, Peer-to-Peer, Simulation, Cloud-Computing, Security, Data-Outsourcing, Peer-to-Peer, Simulation
Record ID: 1109229
Full text PDF: http://digbib.ubka.uni-karlsruhe.de/volltexte/documents/3415092


This work addresses the inherent lack of control and trust in Multi-Party Systems at the examples of the Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) scenario and public Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs). In the DaaS field, it is shown how confidential information in a database can be protected while still allowing the external storage provider to process incoming queries. For public DHTs, it is shown how these highly dynamic systems can be managed by facilitating monitoring, simulation, and self-adaptation.