Magnetoresistive and Thermoresistive Scanning Probe Microscopy With Applications in Micro- and Nanotechnology

by Tobias Meier

Institution: Universität Karlsruhe
Year: 2014
Keywords: Scanning Probe, Magnetoresistive, Thermal Transport
Record ID: 1099108
Full text PDF: http://digbib.ubka.uni-karlsruhe.de/volltexte/documents/3172631


This work presents approaches to extend limits of scanning probe microscopy techniques towards more versatile instruments using integrated sensor concepts. For structural surface analysis, magnetoresistive sensing is introduced and thermoresistive sensing is applied to study nanoscale phonon transport in chain-like molecules. Investigating with these techniques the properties of shape memory polymers, a fabrication method to design application-inspired micro- and nanostructures is introduced.