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The embryology of the syncarid crustacean Anaspides tasmaniae.

by V. V.(Vernon Victor) Hickman

Institution: University of Tasmania
Year: 1937
Keywords: Embryology; Crustacea
Record ID: 1073051
Full text PDF: http://eprints.utas.edu.au/20224/1/whole_HickmanVernonVictor1937_thesis.pdf


Within recent years our knowledge of crustacean embryology has been augmented by the work of Prof. H. G. Cannon on the Branchiopoda, and that of Dr. S. M. Manton on the Leptostraca and Mysidacea. Nothing, however, has been published on the embryology of the Syncarida.* An examination of the development of Anaspides tasmaniae Thomson was therefore undertaken. The investigation was carried out at the University of Tasmania during the years 1932-36. The following pages contain an account of the work accomplished up to the end of that period. It is hoped eventually to supplement this research by a further examination of the post-embryonic development.