Bose-Einstein condensation in a magnetic lattice

by Prince Kurumthodathu Surendran

Institution: Swinburne University of Technology
Department: Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
Degree: PhD
Year: 2015
Keywords: Bose-Einstein condensation; Magnetic lattice; Atom chip; Radio-freqency spectroscopy; Atom optics
Record ID: 1063327
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1959.3/398234


This thesis reports the realization of Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) of 87Rb F=1 atoms in multiple sites of a one-dimensional 10 μm-periods magnetic lattice. The magnetic microtraps are created by a perpendicularly magnetized, multi-layered structure of TbGdFeCo film integrated on to an atom chip, together with uniform bias magnetic fields. Clear signatures for the onset of quantum degeneracy in multiple sites of the the magnetic lattice are provided by in-situ site-resolved radio-frequency spectroscopy