Woppaburra and Kanomie : an oral history

by Anne. Shaddock

Institution: Central Queensland University
Year: 0
Keywords: Queensland, Central; Keppel Isles (Qld.); Great Keppel Island (Qld.); North Keppel Island (Qld.); Keppel Bay (Qld.); Thesis. Oral history
Record ID: 1061565
Full text PDF: http://hdl.cqu.edu.au/10018/1025184


The introduction of this paper gives the geographical position of the Islands and the Aboririginal names and meanings of each. It then briefly outlines and introduces the content of the following chapters. The first chapter deals with Captain Cook's discovery of the bay of islands and a number of shipwrecks in the area that helped chart the area. Chapter two, Opportunities - Use and Abuse, tells of the first graziers and lessees on the Islands and of their abuse of the Aborigines. The paper then illustrates the character of the people who worked on and around the islands through the tales of the oystermen. 'Lizzie's Keppel' relates the story of Ralph and Lizzie Leeke who ran sheep on the South Keppel Island for approximately thirty years. This is followed by a look at the Keppel Islands from 1940 through to 1960, describing the different families who either came to live on the islands or made a living from tha islands during that period. The final chapter explains the changes that have occurred in the past twenty years, finishing with T.A.A.'s plans for the furure. The paper then concludes with a brief summation of the results that development has brought to South Keppel Island while expressing a relief that North Keppel Island has not gone the same way.