Organic geochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic here's your chance Pb/Zn/Ag deposit

by Alexander Ian Holman

Institution: Curtin University of Technology
Department: Science, Department of Chemistry
Year: 2014
Record ID: 1059758
Full text PDF: http://espace.library.curtin.edu.au:80/R/?func=dbin-jump-full&object_id=202750&local_base=gen01-era02


This PhD has explored the application of novel organic geochemical techniques to the Paleoproterozoic Here’s Your Chance Pb/Zn/Ag deposit. Analysis of organic matter preserved within the kerogen / mineral matrix, combined with stable carbon and sulfur isotope measurements, revealed evidence of the microbial environment present during deposition. Pyrolysis experiments showed that sulfide minerals may influence the processes of organic maturation. This research has demonstrated the great potential utility of organic geochemistry in ore deposit exploration.