AbstractsMedical & Health Science

The perceptions, holiday expectations and holiday experiences of German speaking visitors to southern Australia

by Thomas G Bauer

Institution: Footscray Institute of Technology
Department: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Year: 1990
Keywords: 1506 Tourism; School of Hospitality Tourism and Marketing
Record ID: 1052789
Full text PDF: http://vuir.vu.edu.au/15564/


The paper set out to identify some of the reasons why Australia's southern states (Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia) do not attract as many German speaking visitors as Queensland and New South Wales. It was hypothesised that Southern Australia was less attractive to German speaking visitors because of a perceived lack of well recognised major tourist attractions and the perceived lack of sunshine and warm climate. Surveys of German speaking tour operators and of arriving German speaking visitors were carried out to gain a better understanding of their perceptions and holiday expectations of Southern Australia. In addition a survey of departing German speaking visitors was carried out to establish their travel patterns and travel behaviour during their stay in Australia in general and Southern Australia in particular.