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The geology of the metamorphic complex of Houghton and the Humbug Scrub.

by A. H. Spry

Institution: University of Adelaide
Year: 1948
Keywords: Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia; Honours; Geology; metamorphism; Archaean
Record ID: 1050763
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2440/84124


An area of metamorphic rocks is discussed with reference to their mineralogical, petrological and petrographic properties and certain deductions as to their paragenesis are forwarded. The constituent minerals of the rocks are tabulated and their properties described. A series of descriptions of microscope slides are appended. The structure of the Archaean rocks together with the associated overlying sedimentary series is mentioned while the topographic and economic aspect of the area are briefly touched upon. The discussion of the origin of the metamorphic complex is made with reference to views expressed by previous workers. A geological map is included, together with a new chemical analysis of one of the rocks.