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Report on the Monarto - Summerfield area.

by B. McD. Hopkins

Institution: University of Adelaide
Year: 1950
Keywords: Kanmantoo Province, east Mt Lofty fold belt, South Australia; Honours; Geology; Kanmantoo Group; lithology; petrology; structure; metamorphism; granites; gneisses
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The following conclusions can be drawn from the investigation of the broader features of the area. (1) The area of low-grade schists has been developed by the metamorphism of arenaceous material which was originally deposited in a geosyncline. The east limb of the fold shows approximately 20,000 feet of sediments. (2) The age of the rocks is not known, but the presence of grits and the ilmenitic rocks indicates the base of the Adelaide (Proterozoic) series. (3) A compressional couple acting in an east-west direction produced major folding and small-scale faulting associated with it. There is no complex folding. (4) Tertiary block-faulting (Kosiuskan period of Orogeny) produced an upthrust block of old rocks on the west side of the area, while Tertiary beds constitute the Murray Plains in the east. (5) There are no important centres of mining and the prospects for future development are not convincing. The cost of exploration is not warranted by the nature of the mineralization.