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A comparison of the effectiveness of the modified with the traditional approach to junior netball

by Vicki Plaisted

Institution: Footscray Institute of Technology
Department: Department of Physical Education and Recreation
Year: 1989
Keywords: School of Sport and Exercise Science; 1106 Human Movement and Sports Science
Record ID: 1036047
Full text PDF: http://vuir.vu.edu.au/15665/


The purpose of the present study was to contrast the effectiveness of modified and traditional netball for juniors. Despite the considerable controversy which has surrounded the appropriateness of modified and adult versions of youth sport, the area has received very little empirical attention. By examining a sport which is dominated by females, this investigation is also considered important in that it supplies information about the psychological effects of organized sport on girls. Comparisons between the two approaches to netball were made in terms of young athletes' skill level, self-esteem and self-competence, anxiety and attitudes as well as coaches' behaviours at matches and training sessions.