The wives of the Egyptian kings: dynasties I-XVII

by Vivienne Gae Callender

Institution: Macquarie University
Degree: PhD
Year: 1994
Keywords: Queens  – Egypt; Pharaohs; Egypt  – Kings and rulers; Egypt  – History  – To 332 B.C
Record ID: 1032867
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1959.14/266069


"1992" Bibliography in part 2 (51 p.) PART 1. Introduction  – The Titulary of Queens from Dynasty I to Dynasty XVII  – 'ḪNR', 'JPT', and the nature of the Harim  – Royal women in the early dynastic period  – A survey of the status of queens from Dynasties III-VI  – The problem of Ḫnt-k3w.s  – A survey of the position of queens from Dynasties XI-XVII  – ḤMT NT̲R N JMN: some prosopgraphical considerations  – Summary  – PART 2. Notes and bibliography  – PART 3. A prosopographical register of the wives of the Egyptian Kings (Dynasties I-XVII) 3 parts (ii, 394, 51, 334) ill