Low cost integrated substation protection and control system

by Indunil Chanaka Kannangara

Institution: Victoria University of Technology
Department: Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Year: 1994
Keywords: 0906 Electrical and Electronic Engineering; 1204 Engineering Design; School of Engineering and Science
Record ID: 1032810
Full text PDF: http://vuir.vu.edu.au/17909/


With the recent developments in the digital equipment associated with the power system such as digital relays and transducers the development of integrated substation protection and control systems were possible. In this thesis the use of the currently available very sophisticated and reliable, yet inexpensive high level third generation software to develop such application is dicussed. Low cost integrated system does not depend on any particular power protection or control manufacturers protocol but uses standard IEEE '802.3 Carrier Sense Multiple Accesses/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) protocol (Ethernet). Data Acquisition and control is done directly so that it could be used on a range of different manufacturers' equipment. These capabilities make this development to act as a system integrator for substation protection and control and will overcome many disadvantages associated with the traditional protection and control systems.