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Leading educational change for a preferred future : a gender inclusive approach to building school leadership effectiveness, capacity and capability through learning

by Kathryn E. Brennan

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Year: 2004
Keywords: Doctor of Education (Ed. D.); female school principals; secondary school principals; secondary school management
Record ID: 1032089
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/539


This portfolio presents a research continuum spanning the period of the author’s Ed.D. candidature (1998–2004) addressing the questions, What capabilities contribute to effective school leadership; Why do so few women become school principals and what strategies can be employed that will redress the current gender imbalance among school leaders? Findings are drawn from four research projects : Women as educational leaders; Leading change in NSW government secondary schools; The role of middle management in secondary schools and leadership capability – principals in NSW government schools. These findings suggest that structured opportunities for professional learning within different educational contexts need to be readily available, supported and accessible. The relative lack of disparity between the leadership practice of ‘effective’ female and male principals demonstrated in this research portfolio suggests a gender inclusive framework to be a viable way forward